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Reasons to Use Contact Lenses

There are many reasons one would want to wear contact lenses over eyeglasses. However, contact lenses are not for everyone. So, it's important to have your eyes examined by one of our eye doctors to discuss if you are a good candidate for contacts. While contact lenses free you from spectacles, they do require special maintenance and care. Contact lenses can also boost your self-esteem and confidence, especially in children and teens. Eyeglasses can slip down the bridge of your nose during physical activity or from perspiration. Contact lenses would eliminate that problem.

Contacts, in many cases, can provide better vision than glasses. For example, eyeglasses limit your field of view due to the frame and lens size. With contact lenses, you get a more natural and wider field of view. This is safer when operating machinery or when driving. Because the contact lens moves with the movement of your pupil, the best focal point will always be where you are looking. Not so much the case with physical eyeglasses, especially when you keep your head still while looking up, down, and side to side. Naturally, your peripheral vision is also improved with contact lenses over eyeglasses.

Other benefits of contact lenses are aesthetics. Contacts match anything you wear. You can even get contact lenses that seemingly change your eye color. In addition, wearing non-prescription sunglasses with contact lenses are not an issue but are a major concern to those who wear glasses. Protection from the sun with eyeglasses pose a challenge. They would revert to upgrading to light-sensitive lenses, purchasing prescription sunglasses or attaching a clip-on apparatus to your existing frames. All three of those options will cost money.