Rouge, rojo, red…In any language it’s the color can be associated with emotions of anger, passion and of course love.  Imagine not being able to distinguish these vibrant colors.  Some people are unable to, which makes them color deficient.  Color deficiency is often referred to as “color blindness”.  Many people think anyone who is “color blind” only sees black and white.  This is a big misconception.  There are many different types of “color blindness”.  Color deficiency may vary from not being able to tell certain colors apart to not being able to identify any color.  When our eyes are viewing, the retina is responsible for our viewing.  It is made up of Rods and Cones.  The Rods give us our night vision.  The Cones make up our daytime color viewing.  A person becomes color deficient when any of the three cone pigments are missing.  An estimated 8% of males and 1% of females have a defective gene which give the wrong information to our brain, thus resulting in seeing our world in the wrong colors.


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