Your eye are itchy, red and irritated.  You have what has been termed as “pink eye“.  “Pink Eye” is of course in layman’s term for either viral, bacterial or even allergic conjunctivitis.  Conjunctivitis happens when the conjunctiva, which is a thin membrane that lines the eyelid and part of the eyeball, gets inflamed and irritated then causes a pink or red color to appear on the normally white part of the eye.  Because conjunctivitis can be caused by a number of different factors, it is necessary to be seen by an optometrist.  Only an optometrist can test for which type of “pink eye” you suffer from and ultimately provide proper treatment.


Even if someone in your house had “pink eye” in the past, never use drops or solutions that were not prescribed for you.  Just because the symptoms are the same that doesn’t mean the treatment will be.  You could be making your condition worse by self medicating.  Also don’t try to grin and bear it.  Left untreated conjunctivitis could lead to keratitus, an infection of the cornea that can result in vision loss.


At The Eye Works, Dr. Ralph Gebert and Dr. Anthony Prate treat hundreds of patients each year for conjunctivitis.  We make same day appointments at both our locations- Lake Zurich and Barrington.  And we now accept Blue Cross Blue Shield for payment.  PPO members can make their appointments for anytime.  HMO members must get a referal from their primary care physician before a visit with our doctor.  We also accept VSP, Davis Vision, EyeMed and Avesis for annual visits and material benefits.  Don’t let “pink eye” go untreated.  Get the best care for your eyes at  The Eye Works.  Call today.  In Barrington (847)381-0391 or Lake Zurich (847)540-1144.